Chris Brown’s arrest record: a timeline of his trouble with the law

Chris Brown is never too far away from trouble whether he’s getting himself arrested again or getting involved in club brawls. Sometimes, a fight might not even have anything to do with the New Flame singer, but he’s unfortunate enough to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Chris has long been R&B’s bad boy so it may get confusing how many times he’s actually landed in hot water with the police, so we’ve broken it all down for you.

The 25-year-old has hit headlines for the wrong reasons again this week with reports claiming that his car was searched for a gun after someone tipped off the police, while he is also alleged to have been involved in a club fight at a Grammys awards after party. Ever since he left jail last June, Chris has tried to keep his nose clean and focus on his career, but somewhere down the line, controversy always pops up.

But where did it all start? Let’s go back to the beginning of Chris’ criminal record:

Chris Brown at the 2015 Grammy awards on February 8

Will Chris Brown ever clean up his act? (Nate Beckett / Splash News)

February 8, 2009:

Chris was arrested for a violent attack on his then-girlfriend Rihanna in a late night argument in his car, the night before the Grammys. He had turned himself in hours after the incident took place.

March 5, 2009:

The R&B star was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats but pleaded not guilty.

June 22, 2009:

Chris pleaded guilty after accepting a plea deal which included community labour, five years’ of probation and domestic violence counselling.


Chris Brown in a Los Angeles court in 2009 on charges of assaulting Rihanna (Richard Beetham / Splash News)

August 25, 2009:

Chris was sentenced to five years probation, one year of domestic violence counselling and six months of community service. The judge also granted a restraining order against him, prohibiting the Loyal singer from going within 50 yards of Rihanna for five years.

June 14, 2012:

While partying at the W.i.P nightclub in New York, Chris’s entourage got into a bottle-throwing fight with Drake’s friends, causing absolute chaos. Multiple people, including Chris and San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker, were injured and hospitalised. The club was shut down and Chris and Drake managed to avoid a $16 million lawsuit over the incident, which is believed to have been started over their mutual ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

September 25, 2012:

After testing positive for cannabis during his community service, Chris was made to appear in front of judge to determine if he had violated his parole.


In court again in 2009 when he pleaded not guilty to beating up his then-girlfriend Rihanna (Pooled Pictures/Splash News)

January 2013:

Reports emerged that Chris had gotten into an altercation with R&B crooner Frank Ocean outside a Los Angeles recording studio. The police revealed Chris was under investigation for “battery” after allegedly punching his rival but Frank refused to press charges and the case was dropped.

July 2013:

Bad month for Breezy! The court noticed there were irregularities in the records Chris presented of his community service hours and his probation was subsequently revoked, also in relation to a hit and run he was involved in. Although the hit and run investigation was dropped, he was handed an additional 1,000 hours of community service for lying.

October 27, 2013:

Aside from the domestic case, Chris’ most serious legal woe to date is when he was arrested for a felony assault in Washington D.C. It all went down when two men tried to photobomb a photo Chris was taking with fans outside the W hotel. The troubled singer is alleged to have had hurled a homophobic slur before he and his bodyguard began punching one of the men. The charge was reduced to a misdemeanour the next day.


Chris’s injury after getting into a club fight with Drake’s entourage in 2012 (Chris Brown/Twitter)

November 14, 2013:

More bad times – Chris was kicked out of the rehab facility he had voluntarily admitted himself to after “acting violently.” He was then ordered to spend 90 days in an anger management facility. The following month, his probation in the Rihanna assault case was revoked.

March 14, 2014:

Chris was kicked out of his second rehab facility for violating internal rules and he was sent straight to jail where he remained until June 2 when he was released after 131 days inside.

January 15, 2015:

After a bout remaining out of legal trouble for the most part, Chris’ probation was revoked after a judge discovered he had left California without permission. Chris is due to appear in court in March for a probation hearing where he could potentially face more jail time.

February 7, 2015:

Reports emerged that the LAPD received a tip-off from someone claiming that Chris’ friend was travelling in his car in possession of a gun. The police reportedly searched the singer’s car but found nothing.


Praying for a miracle? Chris is due to appear in court next in March when he could head to jail again (TC / London Entertainment/ Splash News)