Chris Brown ‘Scared’ To Get Back With Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna can’t stop flirting with each other, according to reports, but it’s now been revealed why the ‘Yeah 3x’ singer won’t make it official with RiRi.

According to HollywoodLife, a source has revealed that Chris is worried about revisiting old ground, after the pair infamously split in 2009 after he beat her up ahead of the Grammys.

Chris Brown was outcast and shunned by many around the world, and still suffers a backlash from the regretful events.RiRi even jumped on a few tracks with Chris earlier this year, but only earned herself criticism from those disappointed in her actions.

“Chris hella loves Rihanna, but he hella skeptical of making the sh** official and falling for her again because of their history,” a source told the website.

According to reports, Chris has had therapy and is still on parole for his actions but he can’t forget the incident as no one will let him.

”People always be bringing up sh** that happened years ago between them and he has put that behind him,” the source continued.

Chris is currently dating Vietnamese model Karraeuche Tran, so this might all be news for her – but apparently Rihanna has been ‘off’ with him.

”Rihanna has been really tough on him recently and he’s been standoffish and doesn’t want to get caught up,” the insider said. “He loves her though and that’s real. He won’t stop loving her but that’s why he’s been on the fence with her. He just ain’t sure about how to move forward.”

To be fair, we can’t see these two getting back together. But then again, we didn’t think Rihanna would work with him musically again either… Do you think these two should give it another go?