Chris Brown Gets Good Probation Report And A Full Time Job

Chris Brown has just landed himself a new job just in time for Christmas – except it’s one he won’t be getting paid for. The singer has had his community service hours upped at a new hearing and it means he won’t have much time for anything else.

Chris will now perform eight-hours work four-days a week in order to finish up all of the required hours by January, so he can start the new year with a clean slate and move on from a tumultuous 2014.

TMZ report that the singer appeared in court yesterday alongside lawyer Mark Geragos for a review of his Rihanna assault case and the judge also raised the issue of a recent speeding ticket meaning he had broken the law, being a violation of his probation.

Chris did have one supporter in the room – kind of. His therapist had reportedly written an extremely complimentary review of his situation in a letter to the judge saying he was making good progress and doing well with his “medication management.”

It’s been a difficult year for the R’n’B star who has been in and out of prison and was diagnosed with bi polar disorder, severe insomnia and PTSD. But he has still managed to stay on top of his career with a string of hit singles including Loyal and his latest offering New Flame featuring Usher, as well as new album X.

Chris will work almost full time hours in new community service deal (WENN)

Chris will be appearing in his very own documentary about his ten-year career where he discusses how he has dealt with being famous since he was just 15-years-old after signing his record deal in 2004.

During the show  – titled The Rise And Rise Of Chris Brown – he admits that he has made several mistakes during his career and advises others not to be like him. When asked what his tips for up and coming talent are the chart-topper gives the honest answer: “I’d say, ‘Well, don’t take my advice because I’m gonna show you the wrong way to do it.'”

The Rise And Rise Of Chris Brown airs on October 28 on Music Choice Play in the US.