‘Cheryl Cole Twerking On Britain’s Got Talent Was Painful’: Fans React To Star’s Performance On Grand Finale

Cheryl Cole made her return to the stage tonight on the Britain’s Got Talent stage when she performed her new song Crazy Stupid Love.

Having taken some tips from Miley Cyrus, the star and soon to be X Factor judge took to the stage and showed off her twerking skills.

However, it was a performance that left some fans unimpressed. Noting the former Girls Aloud star’s twerking, one fan tweeted: “Cheryl cole twerking on #BGT was painful to watch @SimonCowell can’t you come up with something new and original? Or bin off this bore fest.”

Appearing to take a dig at Cheryl, another viewer posted on Twitter: “Everything on tonight’s #bgt was brilliant until Cheryl Cole started ‘singing’.”


The viewers of the show, also accused the star of miming, with one user of the social networking site tweeting: “V. painful performance for Cheryl Cole attempting to lip sync a really crap song on BGT.She REALLY did need Tinie Tempah there to save her!”

“I’m trying to think of something about Cheryl Cole’s performance that didn’t offend me. Deeply. #BGT”, commented another.

Praising everything else about tonight’s show but not Cheryl, another fan tweeted:

“#BGT great show love the winners! Cheryl Cole was terrible!!”

However, Cheryl’s performance did impress others who couldn’t stop gushing about how amazing she was.

“@CherylCole you smashed it on #BGT welcome back 😀 😀 <3”, wrote one fan.

Praising Cheryl’s performance of her new track, another viewer used their 140 characters to write: “@CherylCole you are amazing on BGT!!! So so perfect love you so much #CrazyStupidLove.”

“Ok just watched the #BGTfinal and the best thing was watching Cheryl Cole! Seriously impressive. Oh and Lucy Kay is pretty gorgeous! #bgt”, noted another.

What did you think of Cheryl’s performance on the show tonight?

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