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Cheryl Cole has splashed out £12,000 for a pucker Christmas dinner but unlikely Jamie Oliver’s there won’t be that many ‘glugs of olive oil’ being brandished about as the star will be healthy eating this year!

After putting on half a stone in weight over this year, the 28-year-old is keen to stay a size eight and not fall victim to the usual ’10lb Christmas bulge’ so will be having a lavish healthy dinner instead.

According to reports, Cheryl has invited her Girls Aloud bandmates over this Christmas – although they’ll be minus Nadine Coyle, who will be staying in the US.

“Cheryl likes her new shape and feels healthier than ever, but any weight gain on her petite 5ft 3in frame really shows,” a source told Now magazine. “It’s something she worries about because she’s constantly being papped. She definitely doesn’t want to be drawn into the usual 10lb Christmas weight gain that the rest of us experience.”

Cheryl has previously said that she loves having her curves back since putting on a few pounds and that she’s also been able to indulge in home cooking since getting the boot from X Factor USA, so we’re not too sure she’ll be tucking into just salad on Christmas day.