Cheryl Cole Is Scarred For Life

Cheryl Cole Is Scarred For Life

Photo: Splash News

US blogger Perez Hilton has claimed that Cheryl Cole will be scarred for life after being cheated on by ex-husband, Ashley Cole.

In an interview with Now magazine, Perez revealed that he thinks ‘no-one’, not even Cheryl’s rumoured boyfriend Derek Hough can repair the damage done by the Chelsea footballer.

He said: “Neither Derek Hough nor Ashley Cole is a good match for Cheryl.”

The blogger also revealed that he doubts Cheryl and Derek are actually dating. He explained: “Derek is more of a friend.

“No-one can repair the damage that Ashley did to that girl!

“I doubt Derek’s relationship with Cheryl was ever that serious.”

Do you think Cheryl is dating Derek?