Charlie Sheen Wishes Death On His Scamming Pornstar Ex-Girlfriends

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Oh Charlie, how could you not have even guessed that your lowlife pornstar girlfriends were probably only with you for whatever money/fame/drugs you have left? The ‘Anger Management’ actor has gone on a big rant after discovering that two of his girlfriends – Jayme Langford and Jana Jordan – had used his credit cards to go on multiple shopping sprees. He even wished death on them in a particularly graphic description! He said:

“With violent hatred, I hope you two charlatans fatally choke on a Vons can of pressed turkey…It’s Sheeniously poetic that on a day rooted in the celebration of gratitude, I can dance joyously on the graves of your napalm charred corpses, as I revel in the absolute and perfect reality of your swift and perfect disposal.”

He even added a bonus dig at his now ex-wife Brooke Mueller, calling her a cancer:

”Not since the cancer known as Brooke have I been the victim of such an elaborate and dastardly shakedown. I’ve observed more nobility and honour in the drifters I’ve run over and child molesters I spit on at Pelican Bay…”

Charlie topped off the rant by telling the two girls to forget about him forever:

”Lose my number. Erase the memory of me. Never speak my name in public or private. You know my code.”

Photo: PRPhotos