Charlie Sheen is Marrying a Pornstar, Thankfully There is a Pre-Nup

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Charlie Sheen has just announced that he’s getting married for the fourth time – to his random pornstar girlfriend Brett Rossi. The happy couple revealed the news over the weekend after they got engaged in Hawaii on Valentine’s Day. There were some initial rumors that Charlie is idiotic enough to walk down the aisle without bothering with a pre-nup agreement, but it appears as though after doing the whole marriage thing three times now, he knows what’s what. A source said while there will be one in place, it’s merely a formality:

 ”Charlie will absolutely be getting a pre-nup, just in case. The pre-nup will be very generous for Brett, but Charlie has to protect his finances even though he doesn’t think the agreement will be needed, because he believes Brett is his soul mate. It’s likely Charlie will pay for Brett’s legal fees as they work out the details of the pre-nup. For him, this is only a formality. He doesn’t think Brett is after his money. This time, it’s different.”

The insider believes Charlie is likely to write up a more generous agreement for Brett than ex-wife Brooke:

 ”Charlie will be a little more generous with Brett in regards to the pre-nup, than he was with Brooke.”

Now we sit back and watch how the whole train wreck go up in flames.

Photo: PRPhotos