Celebs splash the cash on lottery tickets

You may think that most celebs have far more cash than is good for them and, therefore, that they wouldn’t dream of bothering to buy lottery tickets in the hope of adding another couple of million to the already overly large pot. And that’s probably true, on the whole.

But there are a few instances where celebs can’t resist going for broke for some of the really big prizes when the rollovers really start rolling.

Earlier this year, for example, Rob Dyrdek, star of MTV’s “Rob and Big” spent $700 on lottery tickets with the rollover jackpot standing at a cool $356 million.

Thankfully the 37 year-old didn’t win (there must be far more deserving entrants out there), but Dyrdek did point out via a Tweet that you can’t win the lottery if you aren’t in it – and he does have a point; it is pretty difficult to land the big prizes if you haven’t, err, purchased a ticket!

Similarly, the Washington Wizards player Chris Singleton tweeted earlier in the year that he intended to spend a whopping $10,000 buying lottery tickets when the Mega Millions jackpot got to a total of $500 million – and who can blame him?

Over the water, the largest pan-European lottery also attracts more than its fair share of buyers when the rollovers start to climb. We have no reports of celebrity buying as yet, but there are plenty stories the other way around where mega winners become celebrities – though it has to be said that often they become infamous rather than famous for the right reasons!

Meanwhile, the largest single lottery cash pay-out in world history stands at $474 million; and even celebs like that kind of money.