Celebrity Upskirts 101: The worst underwear flashing moments

Let’s face it the paprazzos are no friends of the celebrity and this is especially true when it comes to the infamous celebrity upskirts. All they want to do is go about their daily business, but no the paps are there and sometimes they’re lying on the floor to get these intrusive snaps – its voyeurism at it’s most creepy and the ultimate ‘money shot’ for the paps.

You know when you head out with your mates and accidentally flash your knickers, or worse, for the whole world to see? Yeah we haven’t either, but if you had a crew of paps trailing your every move, you may well also find out that your underwear is on display more than you actually realise. Most of the celebs seem to fall victim at the end of the night when they’re feeling a little, ahem, tired?

Don’t feel too sorry for the ladies though as some actually TRY to get upskirt action, knowing it’s almost a guaranteed front page. Checkout which celebs have fallen victim to the upskirt and which ones are guilty of faking it..