Celebrity Big Brother: Denise Welch Faces Show Down With Nicola McLean After Fight Night

Tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother showed the icy and slightly embarrassing tension that remained in the house after the housemates had a huge bust up following Denise Welch’s drunk slightly tipsy behaviour. Frankie, complete with Ray Bans said it was “the morning we all dreaded”.

Gareth managed to escape the handbags at dawn by hitting the treadmill but Michael stayed in the bedroom with The Twins, Kristina and Karissa – we wonder why!

Well, actually we know why – he wanted to warn them against his arch-nemesis Denise. He said: “Don’t start being Denise’s buddy so she can spend the entire day ranting.”

The Twins barely had much to say, but Michael beneath his shades added: “Tonight when the bottles come out – she’s going to snap again.”

Romeo played the peace make and advised Denise to “avoid all conflicts” in the house and keep her calm. Referring to the girls, he said: ” You know what they want, they want that conflict and they don’t think before they speak.”

Meanwhile Nicola was struggling to cope with the awkward atmosphere and insisted that she was deeply hurt that Denise had been offended. It took a few goes but eventually the pair buried the hatchet.

After Nicola said: “I’m quite shocked Denise by some of the things that you said last night.”

But Denise said: “I feel that you’ve changed towards me a bit since you’ve been with the girls.”

No wonder boys don’t get girls.