Celebrity Big Brother 2012 Winner Julian Clary: ‘Comedy Always Wins!’

The Celebrity Big Brother final saw comedian Julian Clary crowned the 2012 winner of the reality TV show and Entertainmentwise caught up with the star this morning to find out what exactly was running through his mind as the voice of BB shouted out his name as the winner.

The victory came as Julian pipped MC Harvey, Ashley Mackenzie, The Situation, Martin Kemp and Coleen Nolan to the post at last night’s (September 7) event.

And as the star left the CBB house it was clear on his face that he was totally and utterly shocked at the announcement. Julian told us: “I literally wasn’t expecting it! The last time I won anything was back in 1987 when I won a Cabaret Newcomer’s gig”

And although it seemed as if the comic was pals with everyone in the house, even he sounds a bit shocked at just how two-faced former Corrie star Julie Goodyear had become throughout the series. “Last night [the final], Julie was going up to contestants and saying that she ‘loved them’. Especially Coleen! Which is odd. She’d be vile to people and then tell them she loved them!”

He then added, “However, she wasn’t boring and she put on a marvellous performance”

Well, she IS an actress after all. And a Northern one at that…

In terms of the rest of the housemates, Julian said that they weren’t people that he automatically warmed up to, but he did in the end.

He said, “I learnt to spend time with people and find something I like about them. My initial reaction was a little harsh”

And how did Julian deal with the constant challenges that BB threw at him?

“Big Brother definitely likes to twist your emotions. They liked to literally go from throwing a party to some surprise nominations”

Adding, “My favourite part was actually being left on my own at the end! But I learnt to get through the negative parts. Comedy always wins!”

That definitely seems to be the case, Julian. Congrats!