CBB’s Michael Madsen: ‘Sexual Frustration’ Caused Denise Welch Rows

Celebrity Big Brother finalist Michael Madsen has speculated that sexual frustration caused his rocky relationship with Denise Welch.

The pair frequently clashed during their time in the house, and had one last fight live on air during Big Brother’s Bit On The Side after last night’s finale.

When asked after his eviction why they clashed, he said: “Because she’s sexually frustrated. “I could not imagine anything more repulsive. I actually kind of felt sorry for her but now as she’s the winner of the show, I just have to say that perhaps her honesty and humour won her it. I was only disturbed that she was going that in a Jacuzzi with a 19-year-old kid.”

Asked if he was embarrassed for her children, he said: “I was embarrassed for her. She has a talk show. She’s very popular here in London. I was worried that she might destroy her career but I tried to make up with her many times.”

Playboy twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon said of the winner: “We love Denise but when Denise has a couple of drinks, she turns into a different person. That’s why everybody used to say, ‘Denise have another drink!’ She just acts differently.”

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