Carrie Underwood In Glamour Magazine

Carrie Underwood is the January cover girl for Glamour magazine.  Here are some highlights from her interview regarding her weight and dating.

On showing her belly/cleavage on stage:I definitely don’t do stomach, because nobody wants to see that,” she said. “I’d be pulling at my clothes all night. That’s not me. And cleavage can be done in a tasteful manner – you can be intelligent, sexy and not have boobs everywhere.”

On her weight loss since she appeared on “Idol.”  “I’m OK talking about it because I feel like I do things the right way, the healthy way,” she said. “I work out. I like cardio. That big exercise ball, we’re friends.”

I’m slightly obsessive compulsive about what I eat, more than I should be. I write down everything that I eat… I started doing it last year. And in the last year is when I’ve gotten more health and lost weight,” she said.

On looking for love:  “I haven’t had a boyfriend in over a year. My problem now is figuring out what kind of person I should date,” she said. “I’ve tried normal guys, but I think it would take a very special everyday guy to understand what I do and be secure in that. Maybe it would be better to be with someone in the industry.”

I’ve gone on some dates, and if it doesn’t happen, then I get a good friend out of it, like Tony [Romo],” she said of her past romance with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. ”I’m a good female friend to guys. I don’t have that many girlfriends.”

To read more and see her behind the scenes video from her cover shoot you can click HERE.