Caroline Flack admits Harry Styles romance was ‘quite strange’

When a 34 year-old Caroline Flack started dating teenager Harry Styles back in 2011 people went just a little bit crazy over the 15 year age-gap, labelling the Xtra Factor presenter the ultimate cougar.

But turns out dating the One Direction singer is nothing to feel ashamed about for Flackers who, despite the onslaught of media attack, has said she’ll never apologise for the romance and still doesn’t understand the fuss about it three years on.

She told The Telegraph that while it was “quite strange,”: “I’m not going to ever apologise for it because there was nothing at the time that was serious or bad and nobody was getting hurt.”

The main problem that people seemed to have at the time was that as a 17 year-old Harry wasn’t legally an adult, so it all came off just a little creepy and Caroline, who has now landed the top job of presenting the X Factor alongside her former co-host Olly Murs, admitted the response to the relationship taught her “quite a lot,” about life in the spotlight.

Harry Styles ditched Taylor Swift's Billboards after party

Harrt dated Caroline when he was 17 (WENN) | WENN

She does understand why people are interested though and said even she is guilty of gossiping about celeb romances:  “I can see why people go, ‘Ooh look at that!’ I’ve been there, I’ve been like, ‘Oh my God! So and so’s going out with so and so!’”

If it had been anyone else maybe there wouldn’t have been SUCH a drama, but Harry is of course the resident lothario of One Direction and there are millions of girls desperately vying to become Mrs Styles, so whoever he dates is always going to get haters.

Currently Caroline is single after splitting from music manager Jack Street last year, but what about Olly Murs? The couple have a well flirty relationship on X Factor.

Olly Murs and Caroline Flack

Olly Murs and Caroline Flack (WENN) | WENN

“There was a point when we first started working together when I thought, ‘Do I? Could I?’” she said of the singer, “There’s always been a barrier where we just couldn’t ever cross that line and we never have. But we laugh about it all the time.”

We think the Murs/Flack romance could be a slow burner.