Cara Delevingne Says She Loves Modelling But ‘Hates High Heels’

Cara Delevingne has admitted that wearing sky-scraper heels is the “worst part of being a model”, and that she “hates” them but she says that she feels “so lucky” to be able to call herself a model.

The 20-year-old beauty, who picked up the model of the year award at the British Fashion Awards last year, has been working hard this week at New York Fashion Week and now she’s spoken about her glam job, and admits that there are downsides.

“I love love modelling, I am so lucky and I appreciate everything I have because I never thought it was going to happen. I never really thought I would become a model, it just sort of happened,” the British babe told

“ I’d always looked at those girls and thought, ‘Those are super humans, they’re so gorgeous and glamorous all the time and then I thought, wait I’m a model, that’s so weird.’”

Cara is definitely a rising star, having become the face of Chanel, DKNY, Burberry and Diane Von Furstenberg, as well as becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel. But she can’t quite believe it.

“There’s these goddess women like Victoria’s Secret models, that’s not me, it’s crazy, it’s mad,” she says

.”The best thing about modelling is the clothes, the people I meet and the people I get to work with, the places I go, the experiences I’ve had.”

But, while celebs are cramming their tootsies into sky-scraper heels left, right and centre, Cara admits that the shoes are a downside.

“The worst part of being a model? I hate high heels, more than anything,” she said. “It’s the physical side of modelling that is bad, not sleeping, having to work 78 consecutive days.”