Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston And Britney Spears Are Fag Hags!

Sucking on the end of a fag is never a good look – but appearance-obsessed stars including Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz still can’t stamp out the habit.

Jennifer Aniston’s youthful looks bely the fact that she has been a smoker since her teens.

Despite trying to keep her habit low-key, the former Friends star is still puffing away and was recently snapped lighting up while out with boyfriend John Mayer.

Pop princess Britney is another star who can’t get enough nicotine and has been a regular inhaler since she stepped into the spotlight.

Cameron Diaz is another fag-ash Lil, as is Paris Hilton, Kate Hudson, and Patrick Swayze – who is still sparking up despite his battle with cancer.