Bruce Willis is Kind of a Feminist Now, or Else Extremely Sarcastic


Bruce Willis has been giving tonnes of sarcastic, off the wall and vaguely threatening interviews recently (it’s a strange mix – just check out this interview for a perfect example), so make what you will of his latest comments. Bruce may have made the majority of his dough by playing powerful roles in  male dominant films, but he thinks women should rule the world and be presidents in every country. He also admits that he feels safer when around women and that they are generally smarter than men:

“I worship women, and I have always felt safer when I am around them. Women are much smarter than men – I conceded that a long time ago. Women should be in charge of everything – they should be the presidents of every country in the world. Guys can’t compete, they just kind of run through life messing things up.”

Bruce also comments that he gets quite wound up when he’s trying to help around the house and can’t really deal with “that sort of thing” so presumably, most of it is left to his wife. Bruce says that he can fly in to a rage when confronted with household tasks:

”Domestic stuff gets me wound up – who moved these light bulbs? That sort of thing.”