Bruce Willis Acts Like a Jerk in Interviews Because He’s Half Deaf Apparently


Bruce Willis has been acting pretty weirdly in interviews lately: snapping at journalists and responding with strange answers that seem to poke fun at the vacuous and/or boring nature of the questions asked – it has proven to make for much more interesting responses than if he had just churned out the usual generic stuff though.  Now, his strong-jawed offspring Rumer has defended her papa, commenting that he is acting up because he’s half deaf. She says that it happened a long time ago on the set of ‘Die Hard’ which does little to explain why he’s suddenly acting like a douche. She commented:

“I think part of the problem is sometimes he can’t hear… because he shot a gun off next to his ear when he was doing Die Hard a long time ago, so he has partial hearing loss in his ears. If me and my sisters get together and he’s at a dinner table and we start talking about fashion and things, the poor guy…”

She also admits that he acts like a weird just to seem like a hard guy, which sounds more like it. She admits he feels as though he must keep up appearances and not come over as a big softy in interviews or it would ruin his reputation:

 “I think he just has this vibe where he feels like he’s gotta kinda do a cool man (thing).”