Bruce Jenner photographed wearing a dress in disgusting invasion of privacy

Bruce Jenner is set to address his decision to undergo gender transitioning and become a woman in an interview with Diane Sawyer on 20/20 this Friday (April 24), but it looks like some couldn’t wait that long as the New York Daily News has splashed a photo of Bruce wearing a dress across their front page in a shocking invasion of his privacy.

In an ‘exclusive’ scoop the US publication has obtained paparazzi long-lensed photographs of the 65 year-old Olympian at his Malibu home wearing a black and white Maxi-dress. The Bruce Jenner dress photos show the star smoking on a patio of the private property. The images come days after Bruce was reportedly spotted wearing a sports bra under his t-shirt, this week as he is hounded by the paparazzi.

So far in public the only hint at Bruce’s transition has been the occasional nail-varnish and some photos which appear to show him with a slightly bigger chest. The paparazzi have been stalking Jenner’s Malibu home to get the shot of Bruce as a ‘woman’ for the first time and looks like they got it.

Bruce Jenner grabs coffee in Malibu

Bruce has already recorded his interview with Diane Sawyer (SplashNews)

On Tuesday the L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies were seen visiting Jenner at the property. Then they, according to TMZ, went looking for the paparazzi who have been taking photos from a nearby hillside. The paps, TMZ claim, have been using telephoto lenses to take photos from a distance, which could well be the ones splashed on the Daily News as they’re pretty grainy and clearly an invasion of Jenner’s privacy.

Bruce has apparently confronted them before and threatened them with the law and looks like he followed through with that. While some members of his family might court the paps, the Olympian isn’t as interested and may well get restraining orders against the individuals.

Bruce Jenner, Diane Sawyer interview

Bruce discusses his decision to become a woman (ABCNews)

The photos are of such an intrusive nature, we wouldn’t be surprised if Bruce took legal action. The decision has been roundly condemned on social media, especially in light of the fact he will be addressing his transition very soon.

The 65 year-old will discuss his much talked about decision to become a woman in the two-hour interview. In previews the star, who divorced Kris Jenner last year after 23 years of marriage, admitted his “whole life has been building up to this,” he also expressed his worry for his children and admitted he was concerned about how it would affect his 10 children.