Broadchurch Cast Not Told Identity Of Killer Until Hours Before Finale Was Filmed

The cast of hit new ITV drama Broadchurch were reportedly not told the ending of the series until hours before they filmed it.

Stars including David Tennant and Olivia Colman were kept in the dark over who killed the 11-year-old boy whose body was recovered at the start of the first episode.

Writer Chris Chibnall made the cast and crew wait for the entire five months of the production, holding off until hours before the climax was shot.

“We adopted the kind of security you’d normally associate with a massive Hollywood movie,” he told the Daily Mail.

“All of the scripts on set were kept  in a safe, watermarked so they couldn’t be copied, and there were only five people, including myself, who knew the full story.

“For 85 per cent of filming, no  one had any idea who was guilty. The cast and crew set up a rogues’ gallery and took bets on who they thought it was, but I was determined that secrecy was the key to the drama’s success.”

He continued: “As we were coming to the point where we had to give people final scripts, I organised for everyone to meet at the beach so that I could tell them. But on set the night before, so many people admitted they liked the suspense and didn’t want to know who it was, that when I arrived I told them I’d changed my mind.

“Olivia Colman, who plays one of the investigating police officers, looked like she was ready to murder me, while David Tennant grabbed hold of me and said he couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to tell him. But then he admitted he was actually glad.”

Who do you think was the murderer?