Britney Spears To Give TV Interview With K-Fed?

Britney Spears is considering appearing alongside her ex-husband Kevin Federline in an explosive TV interview with notorious celebrity interviewer Martin Bashir.

Britney is keen to do an interview giving her side of the story over her recent failed custody battle with K-Fed, although she is said to be reluctant to agree to Federline’s plans to talk in tandem to ABC’s Bashir – famous for his interviews with Princess Diana and Michael Jackson.

A source tells The People, “As far as Martin is concerned it would be all of his Christmases come at once if he could secure a deal with both of them.

“He is really keen to do an interview that would blow the lid off their private lives. It would guarantee millions of viewers worldwide. In an ideal world, he would love to get them both in the same room.

“Kevin is up for that but Britney is less keen. Either way, it would be explosive viewing to get them both to open up their hearts to him.”