Britney Spears Says Dumb Stuff About Loving England


Britney Spears is always hilarious, be it intentional or not. The singer has just revealed how much she loves merry olde England and during a trip to the country, commented that people are “just jolly” and she loves the accent (she even attempted the accent herself during the interview!), isn’t that cute? Brit said:

“I think the people here are just jolly, and I love you guys’ accent.”

She added that she loves how British people talk and believes it puts people in a good mood which is obviously “cool”. Britney elaborated on her love for British stuff:

“When you talk like the way you do it makes you just in a very good mood, I love it, it’s so cool, I really, really like it. I wish I lived here.”

She also took to her twitter account to say that she was sad to leave:

“Headed back to the states. sad my visit was so short London! Hoping I’ll be able to visit again soon XO”