Britney Spears On X-Treme X Factor Diet


When she first shot to fame Britney Spears became famous for her incredibly tight abs and skimpy belly-baring outfits, but in recent years she’s struggled to keep her famous figure, and it has been revealed that the pop princess is desperate to slim down in time for her TV debut on The X Factor USA.

The ‘Toxic’ singer has publicly admitted to an addiction to junk food, especially fried food and calorific fizzy drinks, and following the birth of her two children, she has had to work incredibly hard to stay trim and toned.

Reportedly the mother-of-two is attempting to stay away fatty foods on the set of The X Factor, especially the donuts and Coke in the catering area, and has put herself on a very strict diet in a bid to return to her former tiny size.

A source told The Sun: “Britney has been on an extreme diet and exercise regime. She has been cutting out carbs and replacing meals with juice drinks.

“She was doing several hours of exercise a day before the launch and is trying to stick with the regime.”

Britney and the other X Factor judges have already started touring the country in a bid to find the next music star, but there are still a few months until the live X Factor USA shows begin, although the petite popstar should watch out she doesn’t overdo it before then!