Britney Spears Not Welcome At The Beverly Hills Hotel

Britney Spears is banned from the exclusive Beverly Hills Hotel because she’s too much trouble, it’s claimed.

The hotel used to be a popular stop off point for the singer and her paparazzi herd during her late night
jaunts around L.A. but staff have had it with the Toxic mom, according to insiders.

A hotel source tells that the staff has “specific instructions to turn her away. People come here to get away from that. She brings too much ‘trouble’ with her.”

The source reveals that hotel staff had to attend a meeting recently to discuss a solution to the Britney problem.

Apparently,  “There is one person assigned to come outside and start directing the process of getting her turned away.”

Typically, Britney appears to be having difficulty coming to terms with the ban.

The source adds: “She doesn’t listen. She comes back anyway.”