Britney Spears’ Friend Osama Lutfi Accused Of ‘Violent Past’

Britney Spears‘ family and friends are allegedly concerned over the pop wrecks’ close relationship with Osama Lutfi, after it was revealled that he has a “violent” past.

Lutfi appears to have replaced Brit’s cousin Ali Simms as a constant presense in the singer’s life and has even moved into one of her homes.

A source close to Britney’s parents tells Us “They are frightened. They know she is being taken advantage of.”

According to the U.S. mag, Lutfi had two restraining orders against him for violent verbal and physical attacks, and he has previously gone by multiple aliases, including Osama N. Lutti and Osamah N. Lutfi.

In a 2005 complaint, Jumana Issa, a business acquaintance, claims Lutfi “harassed me repeatedly with obscene e-mails, offensive faxes, telephone voice mails (around 1 a.m. to 3 a.m.), out-of-control behavior and outrageous telephone hang-ups (around 15 to 30 a day).”

In one fax, Lutfi is supposed to have said: “Peel yourself away from all the candy…and overhangin [sic] belly…and answer my e-mails.”

The so-called film producer’s neighbor, Douglas Snoland, filed a similar complaint in 2004, alleging that Lutfi tried to kick down his front door when he suspected Snoland of having his car towed.

In the complaint, Snoland accused Lutfi of saying: “I will beat your ass…Your mother is a f—–g old hag. You are f—-t. You will regret the day you ever met me.”

Lutfi’s attorney denied the threats, but a judge granted a three-year restraining order to Lutfi to stay at least 15 feet away from Snoland and his mom.