Britney Spears Book Dishes On ‘Drunk’ VMAs Performance

Britney Spears Book Dishes On 'Drunk' VMAs Performance

Britney Spears was drunk on tequila during a famously disastrous performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, a new book claims.

The Toxic star’s big TV comeback after her breakdown was widely judged a complete mess after the singer took to the stage dressed in an unflattering black underwear set, and proceeded to mime and dance half-heartedly while looking completely dazed.

In his new book Britney: Inside the Dream, writer Steve Dennis claims that Britney helped foil her own comeback by getting drunk to “calm her nerves” before the show.

He writes: “Britney herself managed to ruin the most important performance of her life. Hours before the show, her anxieties raged. She decided it was a good idea to start drinking tequila shots to calm her nerves – one after the other.”

Britney’s fragile mental state was also reportedly tested when her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake came into her dressing room to wish her luck.

Dennis reveals in the book: “Justin was cool and couldn’t have been friendlier, but that wigged her out more.”

Britney appears to have gone some way to turning her life around since, and is currently taking her Circus tour around the world.

In a new interview, she tells Britain’s More magazine “I feel positive, I feel much happier, and things are looking good again.”

She adds: “I’m learing to relax more and take everything in my stride, and to not place so much pressure on myself.”