British Actress Gemma Arterton Lands The Next Bond Girl Role

British actress Gemma Arterton of the show St. Trinian will be the next Bond girl.  She has only been in a handful of films.

 The 22-year old beat out 1,500 other women to co-star with Daniel Craig in the movie which is tentatively titled Bond 22.  Filming is set to start in January.

After getting the confirmation, Arterton sent an SMS to her mom saying, “I got Bond!”

An insider at the Bond studios Eon Productions said, “She has the modern look.” 

gemma-arterton.jpg gemma-arterton2.jpg 

UPDATE:  After it’s been reported for a good month or so that Gemma Arterton was to be the new Bond Girl, it is now being reported that actress Olga Kurylenko is now the official Bond girl, while the previously widely reported Gemma Arterton will play an M16 agent called Fields.