Britain’s Got Talent: The New Series Kicks Off With A Bang As The Weird And Wonderful Try To Impress The Judges

Fresh from battling Justin Timberlake and The Saturdays in the charts, Ant and Dec return to their day jobs to present the new series of Britain’s Got Talent- and boy was it worth the wait!

We’ve been excitedly waiting for the return of the talent show all year, and now it has arrived, it certainly hasn’t disappointed.

The first episode not only brings you the usual suspects of dancing animals and rubbish comedians, but some very different acts that’ll literally make you laugh or cry!

Here’s our pick of the good, the bad and the crazy.

And believe us when we say when they are good, they are really good and when they are bad they make you almost want to turn the TV off- almost!

The Good

There were so many talented acts on this first episode, but we’ve narrowed it down to this lovely bunch:

Alexandra, 11. Singer: When Alexandra walked onto the stage looking all shy in a pretty pink dress, nobody would believe what was to come out of her mouth. For this little girl blew everyone away with her incredible version of Jennifer Hudson’s ‘One night only.’

Deep, powerful and full of soul, she had a voice to rival those more than twice her age- and the judges certainly agreed.

Simon said: “Oh my god, you are superhuman!” He added it was one of the best auditions he had seen. Meanwhile Amanda told her she had “lifted the roof off this building”, whilst Alesha simply said “you have a gift, thank you for sharing it with us.”

This is one little lady that’s going to be a star- you heard it here first!

•Attraction. Shadow Theatre Company

Following a montage of really awful European acts, things didn’t look too hopeful when Hungarian shadow theatre company Attraction walked onto the stage.

But they proved everyone wrong with an amazing and incredibly moving performance of a love story told through shadows.

With a backdrop of Emeli Sande’s beautiful song ‘Read all about it’, Attraction moved everyone to tears, including Judge Amanda who could barely contain her emotions.

Alesha who had watched with her mouth wide open said it was “so beautiful” whilst David commented that it was “absolutely faultless”.

Simon thanked the act for entering the competition and said it was “one of the best acts in terms of originality.” And we couldn’t agree more, they were amazing!

• Alice Fredenham, 28. Singer

Incredibly shy Alice looked as if she wanted the ground to swallow her up as she walked onto the stage as the poor thing was so nervous! But that didn’t stop her from giving a really good performance of Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘My funny valentine’, which left the audience and judges on their feet.

The judges showered her with praises with Simon saying she had a voice of “liquid gold”, whilst Amanda described the performance as “memorising, sultry and sexy.”

The talented Alice got 4 yeses and by the looks of it an admirer in Dec, who was seen rushing on stage to hand her a tissue- how romantic!

The Bad

For every good act there are ten bad acts, and tonight was no exception. With ‘talents’ only a mother could love, here’s our pick of the worst:

• Two’s country, mother and daughter singing act.

They may have had aspirations to be the next Dolly Parton, but unfortunately this mother and daughter act may have to call it a day.

Launching into an incredibly slow and lacklustre song (so bad, we don’t even know what it was!); they left the audience half asleep!

Being dressed as cow girls did them no favours as the judges laid into them. Simon sarcastically commented that it was “a bit lifeless”, whilst Alesha found it so boring that she was thinking about her lunch.

But not one to follow the crowd, David said he found them “really sexy!” whatever floats your boat David!

• Paul Stark, 20. Comedian

Comedians notoriously do rubbish on Britain’s Got Talent, and Paul wasn’t about to change things!

Strutting on stage looking all cocky and arrogance, Paul failed to impress anyone with his rubbish ‘knock knock’ joke and something about his Nan stealing his shower? Us neither.

Needless to say the judges weren’t impressed and neither were the audience who booed him into submission and he was forced to stop his act.

When he started shouting at the audience for booing him, he was told to leave by Simon before the judges even gave their verdict. No guesses what their answer would be!

The Crazy

• Martin, ballroom dancing with a broom dressed as a nun?

Yes, you read that right. Martin’s act was him doing the waltz dressed as a vicar with a broom dressed as a nun! Britain really has some erm unique talent!

Martin took advantage of Simon’s absence by persuading the other judges to put him through. After initially getting a no from Alesha, he promised that he’ll come back as a sumo wrestler and do the cha cha cha.

Clearly appealing to Alesha’s Strictly Come Dancing roots, the singer said yes! Simon’s really gonna love that!

• Kerry, chair exercise act

Mum Kerry had everyone fooled into thinking she was about to perform a bland series of exercises on a chair.

Dressed in a baggy shirt and a long skirt, her act started off slow- prompting Simon to abruptly press his buzzer!

But he reacted a little too quickly as she then stripped off her clothes and revealed a black crop top and tiny sequined hot pants!

Gyrating and dancing to Another Level’s 90’s hit ‘Freak me’; Kerry left the audience in shock as she went from frumpy to sexy in 30 seconds! Clearly impressed with what he saw, Simon told how he “regrets pushing that button” and gives Kerry a yes.

But not before being dragged on stage by an excitable David Walliams for a one on one lap dance of his own! Taking the lead from Kerry, the pair then give Simon a dance he’ll never forget, and David proved his how er flexible he is!