Britain’s Got Talent Is Back! The Good, The Bad And The Downright Weird!

It’s been a while but tonight saw the return of Britain’s Got Talent and boy was it a good’un. The return of the fantastic judging panel consisting of Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams, also saw the return of some weird and wonderful acts.

From a not so agile owl to a super talented opera singer, check out our top acts of the night!

The Good!


Who would have thought that a five piece boyband who have only been together for a month would be so good? Not us and not Simon Cowell. But both us and Simon were left stunned with the talent that came out of Matthew, Jamie, Tom, Michael and Richard when they performed Stars from Les Miserables. Having got a standing ovation from the judges and the audience, the boys were a shoe-in for positive feedback with Amanda telling the guys: “Oh my God, you’ve reduced me to tears. I could burst with pride for you. You were b****y brilliant.” Simon said: “You know what when the five of you came out, I thought: ‘Here we go here’s another boyband this is going to be awful’, but it was an absolutely brilliant audition.” David went on to tell the band they were amazing whilst Alesha commented: “You’ve achieved that in a month, that’s astonishing.” As a result the lads got four yeses from the judges.

Light Balance:

There were no words to describe how amazing this group were when the lights went off and a selection of bodies lit up the stage in suits that had lights on it. With the music and their high energy performance, it was an audition that both the audience and judges wanted more of. As the audience chanted: “We want more”, David said: “It’s very rare that an act comes on stage and you instantly want to see them again. I’m so glad you came to see us here at Britain’s Got Talent.” An equally impressed Simon said: “Oh my God that was incredible. Really smart, really clever. It looked fantastic. Alesha added: I loved it! It ended too soon, you left us wanting more.”

Lucy Kay:

We were introduced to Lucy with a sad story of how she was bullied. But she had the last laugh when she showed off her talent of opera singing. Wowed by her talent and performance of Vissi d’arte and the recipient of a standing ovation from the judges, it comes to no surprise that the talented singer got for yeses. Complimenting Lucy on her talent, David said: “You are a very beautiful girl with a very beautiful voice. I mean the incredible thing is that you sang a piece of opera that I don’t know but we were all incredibly moved and that’s testament to how incredible your voice is”. equally impressed with Lucy was Alesha who said: “We were with you all the way. You have a gift. That felt wonderful to listen to”, whilst Simon told her: “I think today is the day that you forget about those people. It was really special.”

The Bad!

Paul Panduranga:

His back story was sweet and the audience gave him a chorus of ‘ahh’ when he revealed that he’d written a love song for his wife. But in reality, the song wasn’t as lovely as the judges were hoping as he sang out of tune whilst playing his violin. Despite his performance not being good at all, Simon found it hilariously funny but told Peter at the end of his audition: “It was fantastically bad”, whilst David shocked by telling Peter: “It was a bit weird but I liked it. Peter, I’m going to say yes”. But David was the only one who said yes as the other judges said no.

Luke Joseph:

Luke came on stage because he wanted to have a chance at performing in front of the Queen. But he didn’t even get past Simon and co with his weird dance performance to ‘Sexy And I Know It’. Not impressed with his dance moves, David asked him:” Did you plan any of that out when you came out this evening?” to which Luke replied: “I like to feel the music, I think the Queen would’ve liked it.” Simon’s response was: “I think the Queen would have had to call security”. we would have to agree with Simon!

Mzz Kimberley:

A rollerskating act who couldn’t sing in tune was the audition the judges got when cabaret artist Mzz Kimberley came onto the stage. Suffice to say that her out of tune performance of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way whilst she stripped off to reveal a Wonder Woman costume wasn’t enough to take her through to the next round. Commenting on the act, Simon said: “Skating around singing out of tune that was the act? It was rubbish”, whilst David remarked: “If I was on Britain’s Got Talent, that is exactly the act I would do.”

And the downright weird!

Berkely Owls:

Since the success of Ashley and Pudsey, we don’t blame people for wanting to show off the abilities their pets have. So on came Andrew Charlton and his owl Rocky with Andrew confidently saying: “Rocky by far is my most talented owl. He is by far the best. Owls are very difficult to train, that’s why I’m the only person in the world who does owl agility. When he performs today it will be an amazing show.” However, amazing wasn’t the word we or the judges thought of when Rocky failed to follow Andrew’s tasks. Whilst we may have not been impressed with Rocky’s talents, we were given some humour. Commenting on the act, Simon said: “Potentially one of the wost animal acts we’ve had on BGT. ” Amanda noted: “You’re like a very old unmagical Harry Potter.”

Onion eater (Sean Wozencroft)

Everyone likes to beat a world record but it wasn’t Sean’s day when he came on stage and vowed to break the record of eating a whole raw onion in the fastest time. It was a challenge that was stinky and made us feel a bit queasy. Joking about his breath, Simon told Sean: “Come down and give Amanda a kiss”, whilst David made us chuckle by telling the act: “Problem is Sean, you need to work on your swallowing.”

The Jerome Experience:

It wasn’t much of an experience as Jerome left the judges unimpressed when he played the drums whilst rotating in a big wheel. However, the real humour came when the judges buzzed him when he was upside down meaning that they had to wait until the wheel did the full 360 for Jerome to leave. Trying to fill the silence, Alesha commented: “You’re like a drumming hamster.”

And Amanda pressed her GOLDEN BUZZER!

The show may have only just started but Amanda put one act through straight through to the finals when dancing duo Paddy and Nico amazed the judges with their performance that left Simon shocked.

Having seen the media mogul declare that he wasn’t a fan of ballroom dancing, it came to no surprise when he pressed his buzzer when Paddy,79 and Nico, 39 started to ballroom dance but as they went on, the tempo changed and before we and the judges knew it, Paddy was sliding and moving all over the place!

Paddy and Nico wowed us! (ITV Pictures)

And it was for that reason that Amanda pressed the buzzer that guaranteed a place in the final for the dance duo. Amanda said of the performance: “Im so proud of you . I think that was absolutely incredible”, whilst Simon apologised for pressing his buzzer too early and adding: “It was extraordinary”

“You’re an amazing example to older people because you have shown that however old you are, you can still be spectacular, and amazing”, added David as Alesha told Paddy: “Paddy you are my hero. You are unbelievable. I pray to god I’m like you when I’m your age.”