Brad Pitt’s Body Double is Sad He Doesn’t Make Brad Pitt’s Money


For his recent film ‘World War Z’, actor Brad Pitt employed a random guy from Glasgow who has a similar body to him to be his body double (who knows how they scout these people? Does Brad go around checking to see if other mens butts look like his butt?). The man in question, David Paterson, has spoken on his experience, commenting that he was only paid $124 (£80) for the job despite the film’s giant budget ($190 million). Although he sounds a bit sad not to be making Brad’s money for being Brad’s body, he says he did it mostly for the amazing experience:

“I basically had to be Brad… and copy everything he did on screen. Brad was there the entire time… I was following his actions. I wore identical clothes to him… I had the same physique as him… I had a job to do and I just did it to the best of my ability… I was paid £80… I didn’t get a Vip pass for the film (premiere), nothing like that at all, and I haven’t seen it yet. I walked away with around £80, no autograph and no Vip invites…”

David says it was still a thrill to take part and was wowed by Brad on set who he says is very professional:

“I did it for the experience. You get asked to do something like that and you can’t really say no… Brad’s a very professional guy.”