Brad Pitt & Shia LaBeouf Went Camping Together in the Woods


Hoping to form some real friendships before filming new World War II movie ‘Fury’, director David Ayer ordered the entire male cast to go camping together in the woods in order to bond before the cameras began rolling. Earlier this month, the whole crew went out for two days in the wilderness including Brad Pitt and co-star Shia LaBeouf and they weren’t even allowed to be connected to the outside world for the entire experience – they had to leave their cellphones at home:

”They play soldiers in the same World War II troop and the director wanted to make sure they bonded. So he dropped them in the wilderness — without their cellphones!”

The cast even recently spent the night at an army base to further familiarize themselves with what life is like in the army. A source adds that the camping experience especially allowed the whole crew to get to know each other very well and things even got “cosy” as they had to share tents:

”They must have gotten pretty cosy in the tents they were sharing.”