Brad Pitt ‘Lashes Out’ At Angelina Jolie Over Iraq Visit With Maddox

Brad Pitt 'Lashes Out' At Angelina Jolie Over Iraq Visit With Maddox

Just when you thought it was all cosy family outings to McDonalds, comes another story of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt squabbling – this time over the actress’ recent trip to Iraq with eldest son Maddox.

A new report claims Brad was firmly against Angelina taking their eight-year-old with her on an awareness-raising mission to the war-ravaged country.

“He told her that it’s no place for a child Maddox’s age,” said a source. “But she insisted it wasn’t dangerous and took him anyway.

“When Angie and Maddox returned, Brad lashed out. He called her irresponsible.

“He had told her taking Maddox to Iraq was ridiculously dangerous, but she disrespected his wishes and went anyway.”

According to the report, Angelina argued that the trip would be a positive learning experience for Maddox.

“She said Brad’s ignorance about how dangerous Iraq is underlines why she should take trips there with Maddox – so he can know better.

“The fight escalated until they were both talking and screaming at the same time.

“Angie finally backed down, but the pair slept in separate bedrooms that night and have barely spoken since.”

The insider claims the arguement revealed just how far apart the couple have grown.

The source said: “They’re keeping things civil for the sake of the kids, but their relationship has pretty much dissolved into nothing more than co-parenting.

“They know they can’t go on much longer like this — this is the first time they’ve seriously come to blows over how to raise their kids.

“Before they were always a team, but they’re worlds apart now.”

Hmmm, the couple certainly seemed to have smoothed things over by the time they hit up the Golden Arches with a selection of their brood at the weekend.