Brad Pitt is a Wine Farmer Now, Gushes About Farming Stuff

When he’s not following Angelina around to her ‘Maleficent’ premieres (his latest job has just been to be arm candy for her), Brad has been enjoying time at his huge $60 million French chateau where he produces his own wine. The actor says he has now become a farmer (albeit one we wouldn’t say no to a roll in the hay with). Opening up on buying the Chateau Miraval for the huge price tag, he said:

“We became impassioned with this place, which could produce its own wine, its own food, and become a place where artists could congregate and share ideas.”

Brad adds that he is essentially a man of the land now (when he’s not working on blockbusters with eye-watering budgets) and enjoys tending to the land, examining all those tiny fascinating details (insert yawn, fake enthusiastic nod):

“I’m a farmer now. I love learning about the land and which field is most suitable for which grape, the drama of September and October… Are we picking today? Where are the sugar levels? How is the acidity? Is it going to rain? It’s been a schooling for me. In the off months, I enjoy cleaning the forest and walking the land. It’s very peaceful and the antithesis of the drive, the want, the need to get ahead indicative of life in Hollywood. I’m instantly reminded what quiet sounds like.”

Brad says he is even approaching wine-making like a film:

“For better or worse, given my compulsive nature, if we are going to be in the wine business, let’s make the best wine we can. I asked the question, ‘Why can’t we make world-class wine in Provence?’ The business model didn’t make sense to me. Let’s approach it like a film, and let’s make something we can be proud of and people can enjoy.”