Brad Pitt Fast Tracks Gay Role To Spite His Mother?

The National Enquirer has reported that following his mother’s anti-gay marriage letter to a Missouri newspaper, Brad Pitt is pursuing a gay movie role with extra zeal.

For weeks, it has been reported that Jane Pitt has clashed with her son and his future wife Angelina Jolie about the way they dress their children, their religion and her controversial views on abortion and gay marriage.

Now, tabloid magazine The National Enquirer is going so far as to say that the Hollywood actor is so desperate to teach his mother the error of her ways that he is intensely pursuing a gay movie role.

The paper reports that Jane Pitt’s ‘gay-bashing’ apparently “fast-tracked the deal”, going on to say:

“It turns out Brad’s actually wanted to play a gay man for years, feeling it would add dimension to his work as an actor.”

After Jane Pitt went public with her views on gay marriage, the magazine has claimed her son told producers, “I’ll do whatever it takes to make this film happen.”

The Enquirer fails to mention what film this might be… leading us to question the validity of the story. No actual project was mentioned in the piece that can be linked to a specific director or title, so watch this space for more information.

Brad and his folks on the red carpet, before the controversy…