Brad Pitt Bought Angelina Jolie Her Own Private Plane


According to reports, Brad Pitt just purchased a rather lavish gift for Angelina Jolie – her own private jet, which she got to select herself. Brad wants to use the expensive gift so they can see each other more often and easily, as they both work on new projects at the same time.  Brad is currently working on World War II film ‘Fury’ in London and Angelina is directing  ‘Unbroken’ in Hawaii. Brad and Angelina usually switch between working and minding the kids so the jet will ensure that they’ll still have family time even as they both work. A source close to the family revealed:

”Brad wanted to gift Angelina with a jet for trips between the set of ‘Fury’ in London and her set of ‘Unbroken’. He told her that she can choose the plane and he will pay, that way, they can fly back and forth to see each other, and Angelina’s always wanted to fly a jet across the ocean anyway.”

The insider also says that Angelina is keen to take up flying lessons to impress her son Maddox who is always wowed by flighting:

”Every time Mad sees a plane, he’s amazed. ”If I could actually fly a plane … I’ll be like Superman to him.”