Brad Pitt Believes Angelina Jolie Made Him a Better Actor

The actor, who stars alongside his wife in ‘By the Sea’, which is her own personal project, commented that he thinks you can see how Angelina changed him in his work. He says that before they met things were “hit and miss” with the roles he picked, and everything turned around as he got to know Angie and he adds that beginning a family changed everything too:

“I think you can see it in my work. I was a pretty good actor before, but definitely hit and miss. I think I became a really good actor. I’m sure a lot of that has to do with age and wisdom too. But I see an absolute shift from the day I started my family. And I think it’s because family – and certainly kids and a stable relationship – is something bigger than yourself. They need you to sit down with them, be there for them when they wake up in the middle of the night… also I’m more efficient with it, because it’s taking me away from them. I don’t f— about. I get in there, I get the job done, and I go home. You know, nowadays I really can’t wait to get home. More than at any time in my life, I’ve got purpose – real purpose. It feels like I’ve found my place.”

Commenting further on his Hollywood marriage with Angelina, Brad says that he doesn’t understand some people’s desire to be free of partnership in life. He is enjoying being with someone who knows him well and he likes that they’re a constant in each other’s lives:

“Certainly the attrition rate of Hollywood couples looms large. And I’m surprised how much our history – Angie’s and mine – means to me. That we have this story together. That we know each other. That we watch each other getting older, through amazing moments, joys, pains. That we know each other. It means so much to me. I don’t know. I’m just surprised, because you hear people talking about the old ball and chain, and people trying to recapture youth, as if that’s the impulse – but it’s not the impulse, it’s not the impulse at all.’