Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston ‘Fighting’ Over Having George Clooney At Their Weddings?

With Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston both set to walk down the aisle, they’re bound to be sharing some of their celeb guest pals, right? One guest in particular that is supposedly ‘torn’ between which wedding to attend is Hollywood star George Clooney, who the ex lovers are apparently ‘fighting’ over. Awkward!

The actor is friends with both Brad and Jennifer and both of them want George to take time out of his schedule to watch them tie the knot with their new partners.

A source told Now magazine, “With Jen now engaged to Justin Theroux and Brad to Angelina Jolie, both betrothed couples are trying to persuade George to attend their wedding – and not the other’s!”

George and Brad became close whilst filming the ‘Ocean’s Trilogy’ together over a whopping six years, whilst he starred opposite Jen in Friends.

However, George is quite happy to skip both, sources say.

“Jen and Brad are fighting over George like children. If George had his way, he’d skip both!” claims the insider.

Adding, “The truth is, he doesn’t even believe in the institution of marriage, and he finds the ceremonies terribly boring.”

Who will win the battle? Brad or Jennifer? Let us know your thoughts.