Boxer Floyd Mayweather ‘Witnessed Stephanie Moseley And Earl Hayes Murder Suicide On Facetime’

Floyd Mayweather was reportedly a witness to the suicide murder which saw his rapper friend Earl Hayes allegedly shoot and kill his wife Stephanie Moseley before turning the gun on himself and ending his own life.

The boxing champ was allegedly on the phone to Earl – who was signed to his record label – on a FaceTime call when the horriffic events unfolded, and at the very least heard it all happen. According to TMZ Floyd, 37, “acknowledges he was a witness and heard everything,” during the call.

TMZ report that Earl called Floyd on Monday morning “in a rage over claims his wife had been unfaithful with a famous singer,” and that he told him he was going to kill her, with the world champion’s pleas to stop making no difference to his furious friend. Floyd is said to be “in shock and is having extreme difficulty dealing with the fact that he witnessed a horrifying murder/suicide.”

Earl in the recording studio with Floyd and rapper Birdman (EARL HAYES/TWITTER)

The bodies of former Twilight and VH1 star Stephanie and Earl, 31, were found in their Los Angeles apartment on Monday morning, both with gunshot wounds. Local residents reportedly called the police when they heard a woman screaming followed by up to ten gunshots at around 7.30am.

Stephanie, 30, had previously worked as a dancer with high-profile chart acts including Beyonce, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Britney Spears. Earl’s friend Burrel Wilks identified the bodies outside of the apartment block and told Los Angeles TV station KTLA that the couple had been in the process of breaking up.

Earl and Stephanie partying together back in 2013 (EARL HAYES/TWITTER)

Tributes to the couple from their celebrity friends have been appearing over social media with 50 Cent posting on Instagram: “RIP Hayes, @floydmayweather you are my little brother. All can think about is what you said to me up stairs. Don’t you ever do nothing to your self no matter what champ. We can fall out and fight or what ever, but I don’t want to see you go out like that. #SMSAUDIO #POWER #FRIGO.”

Chris Brown also paid tribute to Stephanie as he posted up a picture with her on Instagram and wrote: “RIP baby girl. Danced with me on tour and was always the coolest person. My prayers go out to you and HAZE family.” However he has since deleted the post.

Chris posted up this tribute to Stephanie on his account (CHRIS BROWN/INSTAGRAM)

Los Angeles Police Department’s Sgt Montgomery has said in a statement that full confirmed details of the events surrounding the discovery of the bodies have not been investigated or revealed yet.

He told HollywoodLife: “Neither our detectives nor the coroner’s office has confirmed anything to us. With issues such as this, we have to be right on and exact. We’re not speculating on a thing. We have detectives there investigating what happened and those finding will come to us when they’ve thoroughly investigated the incident. We have not confirmed the identities of the victims nor who shot who at this time.”