Boris Becker Celebrates His 45th Birthday In Style

Tennis ace Boris Becker celebrated his 45th birthday in style this week as he headed out in London.

The star proved that he’s not ready to stop partying just yet as he headed to club-of-the-moment LouLou’s.

He headed out with his wife Lilly and with a group of friends in tow, and the blonde haired star arrived at 7pm but didn’t leave until gone three the following morning, according to the Mail Online.

Boris, who has had a difficult time lately, after having to deal with a hefty lawsuit, proved that he was back on track and ready to enjoy himself at London’s most talked about nightspot.

The couple continued to chat to their friends as they left the venue, which is popular with Pippa Middleton, and had clearly had an enjoyable evening.

Although they stayed until late, the group still managed to hold it together as they made their way through London’s most up-market area and jump into cabs.

Boris, who had clearly not been drinking, went to get his car to drive back to their hotel, while his wife hopped into a cab with her girlfriends.

Ahh, we’re glad you hada good birthday Boris! He looks good for his age, don’t you think?