Bonnie Tyler Admits Sending Herself ‘Like A Lamb To The Slaughter’ Over Eurovision Song Contest (VIDEO)

The Welsh star has admitted being slightly nervous over her challenge

Bonnie Tyler may have every confidence in herself to compete in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, but she does admit sending herself “like a lamb to the slaughter” judging by the UK’s lack of success in the past.

The 61-year-old, who is famed for hits ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ and ‘Lost In France,’ has been chosen to represent the UK at this year’s Eurovision and the pressure is on for the Welsh star to break the run of bad luck for the country after a series of low scores.

Bonnie Tyler is representing the UK at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (Patrick Hoffmann/

Bonnie told EntertainmentWise that she is aware of her daunting task, saying: “I’m sending myself like a lamb to the slaughter, aren’t I! But I believe in the song and the Eurovision is quite unpredictable and it’s not all about music is it. But I won’t be stripping anything off [on stage] or having dancers.”

Last year’s contestant Engelbert Humperdinck went down like a lead balloon but Bonnie has defended his entry claiming the song choice wasn’t right.

“No bless him, the song wasn’t strong enough for him. He has got a powerful voice and he’s proved that with his many hits many years ago, but I don’t think the song was good enough for it,” Bonnie said.

Explaining how she was chosen for the task, Bonnie said: “It came about because I recorded a new album in Nashville last year and you know when a new artist has a new album coming out they send it to the BBC to see how they receive it.”

“Well the right person heard it and said, ‘wow, this song ‘Believe In Me’ should be for the Eurovision song contest and they actually wanted me to do it as well. So they asked me and at first I thought, ‘I don’t know.’ But then I thought why not, what a great opportunity,” she continued.