Billy Bob Thornton on Angelina Jolie: “I Never Felt Good Enough”

The actor explains that when he was dating Angelina Jolie, he never felt that comfortable and often feels that way around people with great affluence:

“I never felt good enough for her. I’m real uncomfortable around rich and important people. I like how I am.”

Discussing shock comedy, Billy says that people are a lot more difficult to shock these days and he thinks the world in general is to blame because he thinks everything shocking has already been done:

“People have made sure of that, that you can’t shock anybody anymore. It’s not just because of movies and TV. It’s because of what’s happening in the world. It’s like, well, surely no one’s ever, like, killed a bunch of rabbits with a hatchet and then ate them in front of a group of kindergartners, and you look it up and, sure enough, somebody did it.”

Speaking on the upcoming sequel to ‘Bad Santa’, Billy says he doesn’t care if people think it’s going to be bad:

“’Oh, my God, did you see Joe Dirt 2? It’s atrocious.’ Who gives a sh-t? Then don’t go see it. Don’t write about it, you know? You take away people’s right to like what they want to like by influencing people who are very easily influenced.”