Big Brother 2014: Ashleigh Coyle Makes Up With Helen Wood Ahead Of Surprise ‘Armageddon’ Eviction

The Big Brother housemates don’t know it, but tomorrow (July 14) they’ll be instructed to nominate face-to-face, with the recipient of the most votes being automatically kicked out in a surprise live eviction.

Many fans have feared that Ashleigh Coyle is a sitting duck, but last night she may have gone so way towards saving herself by making up with arch nemesis Helen Wood.

The pair’s rivalry boiled over last week when Helen was shown footage of Ashleigh bitching about her and fellow housemate Kimberly Kisselovich.

Ashleigh Coyle (WENN)

Ashleigh told Christopher Hall in the bedroom yesterday (July 12): “I’m starting a new slate with absolutely everyone. It doesn’t matter what is thrown at me… I’m just gonna laugh about it.

“If they show anything I’ve said, I’ll just be like ‘Oh, sorry!’ and hope they don’t take it to heart.”

Overhearing, Helen chimed in: “Ashleigh do you know what Little Chris said to me yesterday? He said to me, ‘Helen I need to tell you something… if you watch the first two weeks of me talking about you – I found you impossible, I didnt understand you and I said a lot of things about you in the diary room’. I went, ‘so what, you have every right to’.

“I think he got really quite emotional about it. I went ‘I understand I’m a dificult person to understand… if you look beyond that, I am a really good friend’.”

Helen Wood (WENN)

She went on: “Because we all have really strong personalities in this house, we’ve all come across in the wrong light at certain, like, you know, certain scenes that weve seen; certain situations we’ve been in. I went, ‘I’m not bothered’. Not everyone is like me, I’m not like everybody else.”

Earlier in the day, Ashleigh and Helen had been on the same team as part of the latest task; a move that seemed to bring them closer together.

“After tonight, I said in the diary room, I’m really happy I was put in your team,” Ashleigh said. “Just a day when we could forget about everything and focus on working together. It’s hard for me to do that.”

“I think something was just went massively wrong with me and you,” Helen agreed. “Hugely wrong.”

Ashleigh added: “Today made us put our issues aside and I was able to sit with you and make them disappear. I hope you feel the same.”