Big Brother 2013: Gina And Dexter Wreak Havoc On The House

We love it when a plan comes together, and this plan has to be Big Brother’s best yet! Gina and Dexter are let loose in the secret safe house and allowed to take control of what happens to their fellow housemates.

In the aftermath of Friday’s eviction, Gina and Dexter went from being devastated to elated when they were told that they were going to live in Big Brother’s secret safe house. But tonight they truly revealed their mischievous side as they stepped into Big Brothers shoes.

Big Brother set the pair the task of choosing which housemates had to do horrible tasks and which housemates were allowed treats, and boy they didn’t hold back!

First to feel the wrath of Gina and Dexter were Daley and Wolfy who were sent to jail by the cunning pair.

Gina and Dexter wasted no time in deciding the two housemates to face jail, and their reasons were pretty obvious. They chose Wolfy for her arrogance over thinking that she’ll probably win the show and the picked Daley because of his outrageous flirting with Hazel- even though he has a girlfriend!

So with Daley and Wolfy banged up in jail, you’d think that the troublesome twosome and indeed Big Brother would be satisfied? Wrong. They then had to pick which of the locked-up two were to receive a nice prison lunch and which was to receive a horrible prison lunch.

And whilst lucky Daley tucked into a cheese sandwich and salt and vinegar crisps, poor Wolfy had to contend with a Stinking Bishop sandwich, salt and vinegar grasshoppers and a deliciously refreshing drink of bird spittle and fungus juice. Lovely!

However, whilst Wolfy wretched and gagged over her lunch, in which Sophie said had smelt like “cheesy feet”, the other housemates showed no sympathy for her plight and instead complained about her overreaction.

Meanwhile, Hazel was also punished for her part in the shameless flirting with Daley and was made to clean the whole house from top to bottom!

In another of their tasks selected by the evil Big Brother, Gina and Dexter were allowed to pick which housemates they would like to see answer questions in a private chat in the tree house.

They chose Jack, Joe and Sophie, who then answered a series of questions from Big brother which included questions such as which housemate do they most struggle to live with.

Gina seemed thrilled at the response and her power over her former housemates as they launched into catty comments about Wolfy’s hygiene.

But the day wasn’t all doom and gloom as Gina and Dexter showed their nice side by treating Dan and Sam to a meal of chocolate cake, strawberries and wine- much to the envy of everyone else.

Their suffering didn’t last too long however, because as a reward for complying with Big Brothers actions (which they were fooled into thinking were decisions made by the viewing public), they received a Chinese takeaway.

As their housemates scoffed the food, a smug looking Gina branded them “vultures”, whilst Dexter chipped in by comparing them to “animals”.

It seems that Big Brothers cunning plan to stir up trouble had worked as Gina later launched into a furious rant about the housemates, moaning that she “doesn’t care” about any of them.

And with a few more days left of the pair spying on the housemates every move, they’re bound to be nice and riled up, ready for when they make their dramatic return to the house- bring it on!

Take a look at secret housemate Gina and co in all their glory:

Gina Rio, 24 describes herself as a “lady of leisure” and once appeared in a tabloid newspaper as the most spoilt girl in in the country! (Picselect/Channel 5)