Big Brother 2012: Nominations Revealed After Family And Friends Twist

The nominations for this week’s Big Brother eviction have been revealed after the housemates’ family and friends were given the power to nominate who they wanted to see leave the house.

Up for eviction this week will be Ashleigh, Becky Deana and Luke A after they all recieved the most votes.

Whilst Sara’s mum nominated Becky because she thinks she’s “playing a game”, Adam’s mum nominated Becky because “she is dropping little bits of poison by stirring and gossiping. The effect she has had on the house is not a good one”.

Deana received nominations from Conor’s girlfriend who said: “She needs to stop bringing her name into the controversy” and from Scott’s sister who branded the housemate “lazy” and “bitchy.”

As the votes went on, Deana’s friend nominated Ashleigh, calling her “two faced” before adding:“She is another person that has not given Deana a chance before getting to know her”. Echoing Deana’s friend’s reasons for nominating Ashleigh for being two faced, Luke A’s wife said:

“She told Luke (A) that she loved him and then she went straight back to Becky to bitch about him. Luke (A) trusted her.”

SO the nominations are in, who do you think should be evicted next?