Big Brother 2012: Lydia Louisa Gets Emotional

Big Brother 2012: Lydia Louisa Gets Emotional

Photo: WENN

Ever since it’s inception way back in 2000 and the initial victory of handyman Craig Philips, Big Brother has always chosen housemates that fit into a stereotypical mould. Although we’re only two days into the current season, those moulds are already beginning to form, with 25-year-old Lydia Louisa aptly undertaking the role of customary drama queen.

We’d previously seen her near hysterical reaction to the news that she’d been nominated for the public vote and such primadonna like antics were seen to continue tonight as she dramatically responded to Shieveonne’s impression of her. Shievonne was only doing the impression as part of a task set by Big Brother, mimicking her fellow housemates in the diary room whilst blissfully unaware that they were watching and guessing the impression.

Yet, it provided the perfect opportunity for the emotional time bomb that is Lydia Louisa to explode, appearing visibly upset that Shieveonne had mocked her for “not being in here for the fame”. But, if this was true then Lydia did little to prove it, instead claiming that she didn’t want to be judged for her relationship with reality TV star Andy Scott Lee, a tad ironic given the exposure she was giving to it by endlessly repeating this statement.

We also viewed 23 year old Arron Lowe effortlessly fit the role of house hunk, only too willing to display his overt confidence in his physical appearance, or as its otherwise known; arrogance.

Elsewhere, 31-year-old Luke Anderson slowly began to reveal his true transsexual identity to his fellow housemates. Luke repeatedly said that he wanted to be as open as possible with the others by revealing this. He was only too willing to be questioned about his transsexual identity by the ever-curious Lauren.His confidence with his true identity made for endearing viewing and he’s quickly staking a claim to becoming the most likeable housemate.

However, If Lydia continues her childishness, we won’t be surprised if come tomorrow night the iconic Geordie voice of Marcus Bentley delivers her with the eternal statement “You have been evicted, please leave the Big Brother house”.

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