Big Brother 2012: Happy Birthday Shievonne

A Birthday without your friends and family is hard enough, but a Birthday when you feel like no one really cares is even worse.

Tonight’s episode saw Londoner Shievonne attempt to celebrate her 29th Birthday. Things didn’t get off to a great start though when she woke up after a night of sleeping on the floor after the blue team lost the bedroom in ‘Turf Wars’.

As the team made their way into the house and slumped on the sofas, Shievonne told them that this Birthday was “the worst Birthday I’ve ever had. Literally. In 28 years”. Despite her teammates trying to comfort her, she told them that she didn’t like it that is was “a bunch of fake people saying Happy Birthday when they don’t even mean it”.

Distraught, Shev made her way to the diary room to have a chat with Big Brother. She told BB that “I’ve hit my lowest”.

However, things then started to look up for the Birthday girl when her best friend Ashleigh won a task and secured her a Birthday message from her nieces.

Speaking to BB, Shev said “that birthday message- that was the cutest thing I’ve ever, I’m literally speechless babe”. Following this, Big Brother presented Shievonne with a Birthday cake, and later on, the team found out that they had won ‘The Breathalyser’ task and had access to the secret room.

As the blue team made their way into the secret room, still in a cheerful mood, the Birthday girl told them “I’ve never been happier”. After helping herself to sweets, cake and drinks, Shievonne looked like she was having a brilliant Birthday…

…Until she heard what Adam had to say about her in the diary room. After he named her ‘the fakest housemate’, ‘the housemate who can’t be trusted’ and ‘the housemate playing up to the cameras most’, Shievonne admitted to her fellow team members that she was “absolutely astounded”.

It looks like Shievonne’s Birthday went the full circle from rubbish, to brilliant, and back to rubbish again.

Did you feel sorry for Shievonne tonight?