Big Brother 2012: Becky Hannon Threatens To Walk Out

Another day, another drama in the Big Brother house following Becky Hannon’s threat to walk out of the show after becoming upset over the comments her fellow housemate, Luke A made about her size.

Becky’s sister revealed Luke A’s comments after being picked to nominate who should be evicted in a nominations twist.

Haven’t they learnt yet that everything they say is being recorded!

“Becky has as much respect for me as she does her BMI.” was the comment form Luke, that sparked upset from Becky and her family

Clearly angered by the remark, Becky was quick to retort by describing Luke as “disgusting” and after speaking to fellow housemate Scott Mason, she told him “I just wanna go, I don’t want it to upset my family.

“I hope they haven’t read internet stuff saying I’m fat and all that s**t.”

Taking her aggravation to the diary room, Becky vented to BB saying: “Could you imagine being in the final with Luke A, Deana and Adam? I would rather have gone in week one!

“I think [Luke A] is selfish, devious. I actually think he’s a nasty bugger, he’s devious. I’m going on Friday and I don’t want to see him again in my entire life, I literally don’t want to know him.”

Luke A, Becky, Ashleigh Hughes and Deana Uppal are the four house mates up for eviction this week. Who will go?