Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh Parties Like A Rockstar For Her 21st

Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh Parties Like A Rockstar For Her 21st

Photo: WENN/Channel 5

Ashleigh Hughes turned 21 in tonight’s episode of Big Brother and as if being on Big Brother wasn’t enough of a celebration, the Essex girl was treated to two birthday parties.

As part of a task Ashleigh picked Conor and Shievonne as her “two best friends” and they were given the challenge of each designing a rival birthday party for Ashleigh. They had to pick themes, location, food and drink out of envelopes, taking it in turns whilst the other would get the remaining option.

Conor ended up with a rock themed party in the living room, with a magician, wine and cider and burger and fries. Shievonne’s party was Egyptian themed in the large task room serving beer and champagne with fish and chips.

The two ‘best friends’ were also given a pamper kit, by Big Brother, to give to the birthday girl. What Ashleigh wasn’t told was that she would have to choose which party was the best and the winning party would go on into the night, whilst the other party would be shut down and any guests would be sent to bed.

As the party’s got going, Ashleigh was called to the diary room to choose which party to close, whilst housemates were allowed to watch Ashleigh make her choice. The birthday girl deliberated hard but eventually she went for Conor’s party because the music was more to her taste – “pop because I am from Essex.” Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ got her particuarly excited at one point in the night.

The lights were turned off in the Egyptian rave up and Lauren, Shievonne and Luke A were made to stop the fun and go to bed, whilst the other housemates continued rocking out with Conor. Ashleigh’s birthday fun ended just before 1am where the tipsy birthday girl went to the diary room and thanked Big Brother for the “best 21st ever.”

Did you prefer the rock theme? Or was Shievonne’s egyptian theme a winner?