Beyonce UNTOUCHED L’Oreal photos go viral

Everyone’s going crazy over these latest Beyonce pictures because they’re untouched images from the Flawless singer’s 2013 L’Oreal Campaign leaked online earlier today, showing all the creases and bums of normal skn,

Becoming the latest victim of online photo leaks the singer can be seen posing for close up shots of her face which show tired and lined skin around her eyes, while her complexion is pimpled and marked. Queen Bey has been the face of L’Oreal for years, but that face is usually nicely photoshopped, so the Surfboard songstress’ complexion looks similar to that of a new born’s but now fans have had a look at what a pre-photoshopped Beyonce looks like and while she might have a few more lines and marks – we think she’s looking pretty good.

Beyonce leaked pictures: Untouched photos of L'Oreal campaign

Beyonce untouched photos leaked by

As you’d expect from a campaign such as this, in reality the make-up looks heavily caked on and not as silky as they do on the finished product, but under the intense studio lights it’s no surprise.

This is actually what Bey looks like untouched, still flawless (

We can’t really see how this photoshopping will do the singer any harm, those adverts always look overly touched-up, so all it is proves is that close up she’s not as perfect as the adverts depict – not a bad thing for a role model to so many like Bey. The leaked pictures have caused a stir over on Twitter with most people just relieved the multi-Grammy winning, ruling the world lady is actually normal.

Beyonce in her usual L’Oreal splendor (L’Oreal)

Others when they heard leaked pictures thought they were going to be something else, but sorry, no nudes, Bey wouldn’t be careless enough to let that out. The natural images come just a few days after Cindy Crawford’s unedited pictures from a Marie Claire shoot were leaked, that show off the 48 year-old’s impressive body as she nears 50.

You know the Drunk in Love singer is going to be furious though when she finds out her unedited mug is being flung all over the internet, so someone better look out, because she’s going to be mad. Like Solange in a lift mad.